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Grow Tubes

Grow Tubes
Grow Tubes

Inline Plastics, Inc. has been leading the way for the design and custom extrusion of grow tubes that incorporate next generation resins and additives. Our grow tubes are used to increase growing yield as well as improve plant health while reducing crop maintenance. We’re capable of extruding custom slit tubes, tubing, and piping with translucent green or translucent beige colors. We can also incorporate specialized resins that can protect grow tubes from UV damage emitted from the sun. Our grow tubes are produced in several outside diameters including 3”, 3 ½”, and 4” and feature .025” wall thicknesses. All of our grow tubing can be made according to our customer’s exact specifications with any color concentration, overall length, diameter, and slit size. We can also manufacture grow tubes with single or double holes.

Made primarily from polyethylene, we can incorporate other materials as required to match the mechanical and physical properties needed for virtually any growing process. Our facility can support growers with high volume production runs and we typically only require a 3 week lead time. We continue to develop new production techniques as well as resin formulations that help aid growers with improving their next crop regardless of region or soil composition. We’ve also recently developed a new line of wire guards; a slit white tube that easily snaps on to wire or cables to help make the tubes more visible during the growing process.

We’ve spent many years manufacturing and perfecting our grow tubes for the agricultural industry as well as for vineyards and wineries. All of our grow tubes are designed according to the latest industry standards and will meet any FDA or NSF compliance requirement. For more information on our custom grow tubes, please contact us directly or refer to the table below.

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General Capabilities
Slit Tube
Outside Diameter
3 in
3-1/2 in
4 in
Inside Diameter
3.050 in
3.450 in
4.000 in
Wall Thickness
0.025 in
Translucent Beige
Translucent Green
U.V. Package available
Additional Services Provided
Single and Double Hole Grow Tube
Production Volume
High Volume
Typical Lead Times Available
3 weeks

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Vineyard / Winery