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Grow Tubes & Channels

Grow Tubes

Inline Plastics, Inc. has been leading the way in the design and custom extrusion of grow tubes that incorporate next generation resins and additives. Our grow tubes are used to increase growing yield, improve plant health, and reduce crop maintenance. We’re capable of extruding custom slit tubes, tubing, and piping with translucent green or translucent beige colors.

We can also incorporate specialized resins that can protect grow tubes from UV damage emitted from the sun. Our grow tubes are produced in several outside diameters (OD) including 3-inch, 3.5-inch, and 4-inch, with all featuring 0.025-inch wall thicknesses. All of our grow tubing can be made according to our customer’s exact specifications for color concentration, overall length, diameter, and slit size.

What Are Grow Tubes?

Grow tubes help to protect new plants while allowing them to benefit from the sun and rain. They are used in vineyards, nurseries, and tree farms where young plants are susceptible to damage from foraging animals, careless people, or harsh environmental conditions. Research studies indicate that grow tubes accelerate plant growth, particularly in cooler or maritime climates, where the use of the tubes can extend the growing season.

Multiple types of grow tubes are available to suit different plant types:

  • Vine grow tubes stabilize and protect delicate new grapevines by shielding them from herbicides. The grow tubes create a greenhouse effect that helps to promote healthy growth.
  • Tree grow tubes give young saplings a chance to get established while shielding them from wind, trampling by animals or humans, deer rub, foraging, mowers, trimmers, or herbicide drift. During dry periods, tree grow tubes can help preserve water around the plant without irrigation.
  • Plant/crop grow tubes help to suppress weeds that may otherwise monopolize nutrients in the soil or choke out young plants. By using high-quality growth media, plant grow tubes can also help facilitate the growth of crops in areas where soil quality is low.

Benefits Of Using Grow Tubes

Protected cultivation gives growers a way to reduce the stress on plants while improving the surrounding microclimate. Growers can create beneficial conditions to give the new plants the best chance of sustained, vigorous growth. There are many other advantages to using grow tubes for both new and established plants. Some benefits our customers have experienced include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Acceleration of establishment and growth
  • Creation of greenhouse effect through color or finish
  • Deterrent for predators
  • Encourages upright, vertical habit
  • Healthier herbs, plants, and vines
  • Managed light exposure
  • Preservation of moisture
  • Prevents the need for additional irrigation
  • Prevents damage that can be caused by staking
  • Protection from herbicides and pre-emergent
  • Supply of moisture through condensation
  • Weed control

Our Grow Tube Manufacturing Capabilities

For almost a quarter of a century, our company has been an industry leader in custom plastic extrusions thanks to our capabilities for high-volume custom production. Our customers can purchase from our inventory of standard polyethylene tubes or customize their grow tubes by choosing from a broad range of specifications that we can manufacture in as little as three weeks.

Depending upon the needs of your growing operation, some of these characteristics may be more critical than others. Some of our custom capabilities include:

  • Shape
  • Outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID)
  • Wall thickness
  • Length
  • Color
  • Polyethylene-Based Material
  • Secondary services


Circular shapes help to diffuse light and minimize heat absorption. Triangular or square shapes absorb and retain more heat when the sun shines on the flat surface of the tubes. A split tree grow tube with a 3-hole punch can be used to prevent deer rub or to discourage larger animals that try to climb trees. Split shapes can also allow for the easy removal and reuse of vine grow tubes once they are trained to the cordon wire.

Outside & Inside Diameter

The diameter of vine grow tubes varies depending on the specific needs of the application. For example, larger diameters may better accommodate the growth of multiple trunks or thicker vines. A wider diameter allows for a larger, more robust root system and more above-ground vine density. Smaller diameters can provide more stability for vertical growth while protecting fragile seedlings and young saplings from strong winds or predators. Grow tube diameter is also a determinant of the greenhouse effect.

Results of a research study performed at CSU Fresno concluded that large-diameter pink/beige grow tubes result in vines with:

  • Thicker stems
  • 70% more stem dry weight and root dry weight
  • The same healthy, balanced root/shoot ratio as much smaller vines without grow tubes

Wall Thickness

Customer specifications for wall thickness may vary according to the application. The sunlight needs for a particular tree, plant, or vine can be adjusted by varying the density and opacity of the grow tubes.

Various Lengths

Our grow tubes can be customized to accommodate any length from new seedlings to saplings or established trees and vines. Shorter measures are more appropriate for small plants or new vines, while longer lengths can shore up saplings until they have hardened. Longer lengths can also be used to protect more mature trees from deer or climbing animals.


We offer translucent beige or green, as well as an optional U.V. package. Green and blue grow tubes were found in studies to promote primary growth or height and results in a greener leaf than other colors. The translucent beige color encourages photosynthesis by mimicking the frequency of sunlight, encouraging the secondary growth of stem thickness and roots.

For some plants, too much U.V. exposure can be harmful in early growth phases. For that reason, we offer an optional U.V. package to provide additional protection for your trees or vines. Talk to one of our team members about your situation and let us suggest the best combination of color and U.V. protection for your plants.

Polyethylene Material

Polyethylene is advantageous in protected cultivation for several reasons. It is environmentally friendly, highly recyclable, corrosion-resistant, and does not easily degrade under U.V. exposure, making it an ideal material for outdoor use. It is flexible and lightweight, so it can be easily added or removed from established trees or vines. Since it resists abrasion and impact damage, it also provides superior protection against deer, rodents, and other animals.

Additional Secondary Services

Our grow tubes can be ordered in single or double hole varieties. We can also cut orders to length upon request and we perform most secondary operations in conjunction with the extrusion process to lower the overall project cost for our customers. We adhere to stringent internal quality control practices, ensuring that all of our extruded plastic products are of the highest quality possible.

Grow Tube

Grow Tubes From Inline Plastics, Inc.

Grow tubes give growers a way to protect young plants and encourage healthy growth. By adjusting factors like diameter, length, color, wall thickness, and shape, they can promote different types of growth, allow more or less sunlight to pass through them, and minimize the need for additional irrigation during dry periods. Since polyethylene is such a versatile and long-lasting material, the grow tubes can be used for a variety of applications and will save money with reuse over time.

We’ve spent many years manufacturing and perfecting our grow tubes for the agricultural sector, vineyards, and wineries. All of our grow tubes are designed according to the latest industry standards and will meet any FDA or NSF compliance requirement. We also offer special truckload pricing for all grow tubes customers For more information on our custom grow tubes, please contact us or request a quote today.


General CapabilitiesCustom
ShapesSlit Tube
Outside Diameter3 in
3-1/2 in
4 in
Inside Diameter3.050 in
3.450 in
4.000 in
Wall Thickness0.025 in
ColorTranslucent Beige
Translucent Green
U.V. Package available
Additional Services ProvidedSingle and Double Hole Grow Tube
Production VolumeHigh Volume
Typical Lead Times Available3 weeks


Additional Information

Industry FocusAgriculture
Vineyard / Winery

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