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Road Delineators


Road delineators are installed on roads and highways to direct traffic in abnormal conditions. These posts typically stand about three feet tall, featuring bright colors and reflective strips to optimize visibility. Brightly colored road delineators help direct traffic within fixed construction sites, road and highway maintenance projects, roads and parking lots during poor weather, and various other outdoor applications.

At Inline Plastics, we have the ability to produce a variety of highly durable road delineators. We specialize in creating plastic shapes with standard and custom profiles, custom plastic tubing, extrusions, and more.

Types Of Road Delineators Available

We have experience producing numerous types of delineators to suit a broad range of industry and application needs, including:


Clover-leaf delineators have a clover-shaped profile and come in white, orange, and yellow varieties. Clover delineators are highly visible, with reflective strips near the top of the post to alert nighttime drivers or drivers in low-visibility conditions. These durable posts can withstand accidental impacts.

Flexible Plastic Posts

Flexible Plastic Posts

Flexible plastic posts are easy to install, clearly marking appropriate pathways for drivers. Because of their flexibility, vehicles can pass over plastic posts in an emergency or if directed. Options include flat or tubular plastic posts in a wide range of colors.

Red, White, Black, Yellow, And Reflective

Reflective delineators are patterned and highly visible in daytime and nighttime applications. Patterns include yellow and black stripes and chevrons, as well as red and white stripes and chevrons. Optional reflective tape on the post will further enhance visibility.

Road Construction

We can help produce road construction posts to withstand accidental impacts and impacts at up to 35 mph. Brightly-colored posts can alert traffic of upcoming road construction and restrict access to the construction area, keeping construction workers, drivers, and pedestrians safe.

Wide Load Flags

Oversized loads create potential hazards, especially without proper markings. As such, these loads often require flags or signs that indicate the risk to other drivers. We produce brightly colored, clear signage and flags to keep heavy haul vehicles in compliance and surrounding drivers safe.

Inline Plastics’ Road Delineators Capabilities

At Inline Plastics, we offer two primary services for fabricating road delineators:

Custom Tubing Solutions

We produce custom tube products from molten polymers. We can help clients choose polymers with the right properties, colors, and strength capabilities for any application. We can create custom tubing with unique profiles and designs, and our team of design experts can provide modifications or design recommendations.

Plastic Extrusion Services

Plastic extrusion produces plastic goods by forcing a plastic substrate through a die with a profile cutout. This process uses heat and pressure to soften the plastic as it passes through the die, allowing it to take on the designated profile shape. Extrusion can create short or long plastic lengths, and it ensures a consistent profile without gaps or weak points. If you need delineators at standard or custom lengths, we can use extrusion to create a single long piece and then cut it to any requested length.

We have the capability to produce road delineators as a single continuous shape; this does not include angled shapes such as cones or tapered delineators. Additionally, while Inline Plastics does not make road delineator bases, our team can provide assembly services of finished products to add bases upon request.

Road Delineators & Flags From Inline Plastics

Having durable, flexible, and highly visible road delineators helps keep drivers and personnel safe in construction projects or low-visibility conditions. For over 25 years, Inline Plastics has been a leading provider of high-quality, reliable custom plastic extrusions.

To see how our plastic extrusion capabilities can benefit your project, please contact us or request a quote today.