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Successful hydroponics use an irrigation system with plastic tubing and related components to manage water and nutrient movement. Unlike traditional soil-based farming techniques, this technique uses a nutrient-enriched water solution to bring nutrients to plants and remove waste products. This is an efficient alternative, as it requires less space and less water while providing greater control. 

Today’s hydroponic systems use advanced sensors, technology, and materials to drive even better results. However, the success of each hydroponic system relies on its tools and equipment.

At Inline Plastics Inc., we are committed to providing high-quality plastic tubing and plastic extrusion solutions for the hydroponics industry, components, and other structural elements.

Importance of Plastic Tubing in Hydroponics

Hydroponics systems help to distribute fluids and nutrients to the plants’ roots, which is key to ensuring optimal growth and higher plant yields. Our engineering team has developed durable and reliable tubing that delivers those nutrients evenly and consistently. 

Growers can minimize system evaporation and leakage, conserving water and improving efficiency in the overall system. 

Importance of Plastic Extrusions in Hydroponics

Plastic tubing isn’t the only essential hydroponics component that growers need. Extruded plastic components provide everything from structural elements to clips for positioning tubing and sensors. 

Some of the types of plastic extrusions used throughout hydroponics systems include:

  • Channels
  • Trays
  • Sensor clips
  • Rails
  • Structural supports for tubing

At Inline Plastics, we provide custom plastic extrusion services for designing, developing, and building custom hydroponic configurations. 

Each system can be customized to suit different plants, concentrations of plantings, and even external environmental factors. We can help you select polymers and additives to resist UV radiation damage and corrosion from water. Our team can also customize the color to provide optimal conditions—such as a reflective white color to reduce heat or black to absorb heat—or ensure extrusions are built to regulatory requirements. 

Plastic extrusions are cost-effective to produce and can be constructed from plastics that last in both indoor and outdoor environments. Farmers who want to experiment with hydroponics or invest in bigger systems can use plastic extruded parts to create growth-conducive environments for their plants. 

By experimenting with different configurations, farmers can grow plants more efficiently, see more production from each plant, and realize different plant varieties. 

Hydroponics and Inline Plastics

Inline Plastics is committed to supporting the hydroponics industry and the innovations it brings to agriculture, horticulture, and other fields. We are continually innovating our designs and practices to provide custom grow tubes, hydroponic tubes, plastic extrusions with the right polymer formulas, and much more. 

Our products work in a range of hydroponic configurations and designs to support growing industry needs. As the science and technology powering hydroponics advances, we look forward to helping hydroponics become more mainstream with accessible products and plastic assemblies. 

Inline Plastics’s Products and Services

Farmers and companies within the hydroponics space can turn to Inline Plastics for reliable products and custom manufacturing services. We offer a wide range of specialty services, including: 

Custom Plastic Profiling Services

Extrusion-based fabrication can create a wide range of shapes with different cross sections and profiles. The products can be used for everything from hydroponic channels, frames, and other structural components to aesthetic finishes and decorations.

Custom Plastic Tubing 

Our clients can specify the length, diameter, and material of various tubing solutions based on their hydroponic farm’s unique needs. Our fabrication team can then develop plastic tubing for watering, nutrients, and air.

Custom Plastic Extrusion Services 

We can support high-volume extrusion orders with custom shapes and designs. Our engineering team’s extrusion die services allow for cost-effective, long-term parts production. 

Hydroponic Plastic Tubing & Plastic Extrusion Services at Inline Plastics

Inline Plastics provides high-quality, efficient, and custom hydroponics systems that streamline operations and maximize productivity. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing services set you up to achieve higher yields, better quality, and more sustainable farming practices. 

Discover the benefits of partnering with Inline Plastics for your hydroponic needs. Reach out today to request a quote and start your next order.