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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Founded in 1996, Inline Plastics, Inc. has been a leader in manufacturing custom plastic extrusions for an extensive array of industries. We can manufacture 20 different thermoplastics to your precise specifications. For the food and beverage industry, we produce items such as vinyl pipes and tubing, and drinking straws, all of which can be customized according to your desired load capacity, color, rated strength, and resistance to corrosion or chemicals.

Our custom food-grade plastic tubing is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) certified. Our skilled team has over 75 years of combined experience in these products and services:

  • Developing plastic extrusion dies
  • Research & development
  • Quality control
  • Custom plastic profiles
  • Custom plastic rods
  • Custom plastic tubing
  • Custom plastic shapes

We can eliminate the high costs related to secondary operations since we perform tasks such as deburring during the plastic extrusion process. Some of our quality extrusion processes include adding foam tape, double-back tape, cutting to length, and spiraling.

Learn why high-quality plastic tubing is crucial to the food and beverage industry, examples of FDA-certified materials, and the applications of our food-grade tubing products.

High-quality Tubes The Food & Beverage Industry Trusts

Food is an essential part of daily life, not only for nourishment but also to create key memories and bring people together. Regardless of the purpose, most food products are processed and delivered via a network of high-quality, food-safe plastic tubing.

Inline Plastics, Inc. offers an assortment of food-safe food and beverage tubes and is one of the most trusted names in the industry. We offer a broad range of customization options for food-grade tubing and can fine-tune every aspect of the manufacturing process to meet the specific demands of your application. Some of our customizable options include:

  • Outer diameter
  • Inner diameter
  • Wall thickness
  • Shape
  • Length

If you work with Inline Plastics, Inc., you do not have to change your existing food and beverage processing system to accommodate the standard food tubing available in today’s market. Instead, we can develop customized and innovative solutions to meet the unique demands of your operation.

FDA Approved Food-grade Polyurethane Tubing Materials

Inline Plastics, Inc. manufactures high-quality food-grade tubing that can accommodate specific temperature and pressure requirements. Our FDA-compliant, food-safe tubing consists of materials such as vinyl, LDPE, HDPE, polyurethane, polycarbonate, and more.

Our carefully designed products for the food and beverage industry are chemical resistant, can withstand high temperatures, and handle variable pressure needs while adhering to strict standards for sterilization.

We offer food-grade tubing and beverage tubes made of the following materials:

  • Polyethylene LDPE: This cost-effective tubing offers more stress-crack resistance and flexibility than standard LDPE tubing.
  • Polyurethane: This versatile material features chemical, abrasion, and kink resistance. Polyurethane also provides low gas permeability and prevents bacteria and mold growth.
  • Nylon: Nylon tubing can withstand extreme pressure and high temperatures better than other types of materials.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): An efficient and eco-friendly material for food-grade tubing, PVC can effectively resist oxidation and contamination.
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE): TPE is a translucent material that has a soft, rubbery, and matte feel. We offer three TPE food and beverage tubing styles, each meeting FDA food-grade standards. Free of phthalates and BPA, TPE tubing can withstand temperatures between -40 °F and 195 °F.
  • Thermoplastic Vulcanizate (TPV): TPV material has a matte finish and a tan, opaque color. The TPV compounds we offer provide exceptional long-term resistance to oil, hot fluids, and dairy products. Customers can select from three different TPV compounds based on their needs for NSF51, NSF61, or FDA compliance.
  • Natural Rubber Latex Tubing: Tubing made from natural rubber latex has a smooth finish and a translucent amber color. It offers a broad range of beneficial properties, including superior gripping power, ease of sterilization, and abrasion resistance. The material has optimal memory characteristics and can return to its original shape even after repeated stretching. It maintains its flexibility between -60 °F to steam sterilization levels.

Food-grade Plastic Tubing Industry Applications

At Inline Plastics, Inc., our team understands the challenges our customers face when dealing with food products. Flexible food-grade tubing is vital to a wide variety of commercial applications, detailed below.

Food Dispensing Equipment

Food dispensing equipment must have chemical resistance, flexibility, and NSF and FDA compliance. Some examples of food and beverage tube dispensing applications include ketchup or nacho cheese dispensed at concession stands, movie theaters, and cafeterias.

Food-safe tubing allows for convenient and efficient dispensing of food products, allowing the user to control the portion size. It is ideal for enabling customers to dispense their own products without touching the food itself, promoting ease of use and cleanliness.

Beverage Tubing

Our plastic tubing is ideal for beverage dispensing, and while not always visible, the tubing is essential to a wide variety of applications. From the coffee creamer dispenser at a gas station to the soda fountain at a fast food restaurant, beverage tubing is crucial for safely delivering the product to the customer’s beverage container in a sterile and efficient manner.

Air Line Dispensing Equipment

We work with food production facilities to develop FDA-compliant air line products that meet their unique operating conditions, such as working temperatures and pressures.

Benefits Of Inline Plastics Fda-approved Tubing

When you work with Inline Plastics, Inc., you’ll have the best-quality food and beverage tubing so you can produce the best quality food and beverage products. Whether you work with food, cannabis, alcohol, or other products, you’ll be able to retain purity while reducing processing time. With increased productivity and product integrity, you’ll have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Since 1996, we have helped thousands of clients achieve cleaner, faster, and more efficient food and beverage processing. Our experienced team provides a seamless experience for our customers, helping create optimal solutions for any application.

All food and beverage products offered by Inline Plastics, Inc. are certified by the FDA, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), 3A 63-03 Sanitary Standards, and the National Board of Boiler & Pressure Inspectors (NBBI).

Contact Inline Plastics For Custom Food Safe Plastic Tubing Solutions

At Inline Plastics, Inc., we offer our customers competitive pricing and superior quality on plastic extrusions that can handle the unique demands of the food and beverage industry. Our turnaround time is one to two days on simple dies. A thermoplastic extrusion ordered on Monday can be in your hands before Friday.

Our experienced staff can help with any of your plastic extrusion needs, offering a wealth of knowledge about food-grade tubing for the food and beverage industry. Contact us online or call us at 909.923.1033 to discuss your project. You can also request a quote for specific products.