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Poly Siphon Tubes

Poly Siphon Tubes

Siphon tubes are components used in irrigation applications to transfer water from a ditch or canal to individual furrows between crop rows. Early siphon tubes were made from wood, which was susceptible to degradation, and metal tubes salvaged from old wells, which proved heavy and prone to corrosion. Aluminum served as a more suitable construction material. However, its rationing during World War II led to the eventual development and use of plastic-such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE)-for siphon tube manufacturing.

Overview Of Poly Siphon Tubes

The primary application of poly siphon tubes is furrow irrigation, which makes use of trenches or furrows on each side of a raised seedbed or row. The tubes bring water up from the ditch or canal to flow down the furrows on each side of the seedbed, saturating the soil and, consequently, supplying the necessary irrigation for the plants without direct application of water. Once the seedbeds are sufficiently saturated, excess water flows off the field into a collection ditch.

How Do Poly Siphon Tubes Work?

Poly siphon tubes, like all siphons, use the force of gravity from the downward flow of the water to produce suction, which draws water up and over the vertical barrier of the ditch or canal. For suction to begin, the tube must be primed-i.e., filled with water-before it is dropped into place over the barrier. The water within the tube generates suction as it flows out. To shut off the flow, the user simply pulls the tube out of the water.

Advantages Of Poly Siphon Tubes

There are a number of advantages to using poly siphon tubes for irrigation, including:

  • Lighter component weight (facilitating transport between fields)
  • Lower investment cost
  • Easier operation (regarding placement and turning on/off)
  • More consistent water volume delivery
  • Higher efficiency in furrow irrigation operations
  • Greater customizability (can be tailored to meet varying channel designs, field lengths, and slopes depending on the needs of the client)

Poly Siphon Tubes From Inline Plastics

Poly Siphon Tubes

At Inline Plastics Inc., we design and produce a wide range of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) siphon tubes for use in ditch-to-furrow irrigation applications. The HDPE construction material provides superior corrosion resistance while maintaining a high strength-to-density ratio. Additionally, the standard black poly design incorporates UV protective additives to prevent damage from solar rays and ensure greater part longevity.

Our siphon tubes comply with all applicable industry requirements, including FDA and NSF standards, and are highly customizable to suit each customer’s irrigation ditch or canal. Some of the customization options available include:

  • Single, double, and triple bend designs
  • 1 to 3-inch diameters
  • Small to large profiles (using plastic extrusion or tubing processes)
  • Custom coloring
  • Custom lengths

Regardless of whether you need truckload production volumes, we can meet your siphon tube needs with fast lead times and competitive prices.

Contact us for more information about our poly siphon tube solutions or request a quote to discuss the ideal solution for your specific furrow irrigation needs.


General CapabilitiesCustom Coloring (Color made to match)
Custom Plastic Extrusion
Custom Plastic Tubing
Cut to Length
Large Profile
Small Profile
Diameters1 to 3 in
ColorBlack with U.V. Package
MaterialsHigh Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Production VolumeTruck Load
Typical Lead Times Available3 weeks


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